Rules, Regulations, and Recommendations to Reduce the Risk of COVID-19 Transmission at The Sussex Drive-in:

This post will be updated to accurately reflect safe practices as new information about COVID-19 and relevant government and public health directives become available. We ask for the cooperation and patience of all patrons to ensure the safety and well-being of fellow patrons, our staff, and the general public as we navigate operations during this time. Failure to cooperate will result in the immediate removal of the offending parties from the grounds without refund. In order to continue operations, we must observe all necessary and possible precautions.

Presently, we ask that our patrons observe the following:

If you are returning from outside of New Brunswick, in accordance with the Government of New Brunswick and the Chief Medical Officer of Health, we require that you refrain from visiting our facility for at least 14 days after your arrival. Other requirements with regards to self-isolation and physical distancing also apply. Further information on self-monitoring and self-isolation can be found here:…/c…/self-isolation-vs-self-monitor.html.

In addition, we ask that patrons who have recently visited Zone 5 (Campbellton region) refrain from visiting our grounds for at least two weeks. Further information on Zone 5 can be found here:…/en/news/news_release.2020.05.0311.html

Patrons must park their vehicle at a distance of six feet from other vehicles. This requirement applies equally to two-household bubbles due to public perception as well as our inability to authenticate this information.

Patrons must ensure that their vehicle remains self-contained for the duration of their visit with the exception of efficient use of our washroom facilities and canteen. Our washroom and canteen has tape on the floor to help patrons maintain proper physical distance. Patrons must limit the number of occupants who visit the canteen, ideally to one per vehicle.

To minimize foot traffic within the grounds, patrons must also observe the following requirements: no outdoor recreation (dog walking, Frisbee/ball, etc.).

In addition, dogs will no longer be permitted to enter the grounds as of May 30, 2020. We regret to inform you of this update to our Rules and Regulations. This is a family-oriented business, and we understand that dogs are part of the family. Pets are truly among our favourite patrons and we recognize the unique experience a visit to our Drive-In has allowed pets and pet owners alike. Previous to May 30, dogs were permitted to enter the Drive-In but dog walking within the grounds was prohibited. Visitor Parking (separate from the main grounds) was available for dogs to use the washroom. Unfortunately, due to the abundance and frequency of pets and pet owners walking through our grounds to access Visitor Parking, we received several complaints and questions about why certain people were allowed to exit their vehicles and not others. We simply do not have the ability to regulate this accommodation, and so we have arrived at having to make this difficult decision. This is no one’s fault in particular, but a general concern we have been asked to address. We sincerely hope we are able to welcome dogs back to the Drive-In soon and thank our patrons in advance for their cooperation.

No tailgating – Patrons must refrain from watching our features from anywhere but inside the comfort of their vehicle. This includes truck beds, SUV back hatches, and the like.

We will be reminding patrons to maintain physical distance at every point of interaction (upon entry, over the radio while waiting for the features to begin, upon visiting the canteen, etc.). Our bathrooms will be cleaned regularly to satisfy both our own standards in addition to the ones set by the government of New Brunswick. We will also have hand sanitizing stations accessible throughout the grounds. We are committed to exercising every possible precaution while ensuring our patrons have access to the necessary amenities.